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Free Resource Library

These free resources have specific suggestions on what you can start doing today to have confidence in your parenting and parent with a positive connection in all situations. 

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10 ways to increase positive interactions with your child

Building positive connections with your child can improve the everyday interactions you have with them.  These 10 suggestions can be done daily or once a week.  Start using them today and you will see changes in you, your child, and your whole family.

3 Tips for Focused Positive Connection

Focused Positive Connection allows you to spend meaningful time with your child. An opportunity to be present in the moment with your child doing an activity together they enjoy.

Four Steps to Parent With Confidence and Connection

When you parent with a positive connection you can handle any parenting situation that comes up.  That confidence comes from trusting in your own abilities by pausing and not reacting, thinking before responding, and moving forward calmly.

Stress-Free Guide to Virtual Learning for Parents

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, you have been supporting your child or children at home for school through Distance, Remote, and/or Hybrid Virtual Learning.  This guide was developed to offer you small changes you can make that can help reduce the stress you may feel during this difficult time.

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